Good Deeds that have Unknown and Unlimited Rewards

Three types of good deeds and actions that will not be weighed on the Scales on the Day of Judgement due to their Greatness:

  1. Pardoning people; its rewards have not been specified, as God the Exalted has said, “Whosoever pardons and reconciles, their reward will be decided by God.”
  2. Patience; there is no specified reward for it as He, Most High, said, “The patient ones will be given their reward without account.”
  3. Fasting; also has no specified reward as mentioned in the Divine Utterance [hadith qudsi], “Every deed that the Sons of Adam perform is for their own selves, except for the fast, for truly it is for Me and I shall (decide the) reward for it.”

On the Day of Emergence (Judgement Day), a Caller will call out, “Where are those whose rewards shall be decided for them by God?!”

So those who were patient, those who used to fast and those who would pardon people will step forward.

God the Exalted make us from those who shall be called upon in that same manner on that Day.

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